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Question:Will the whole season ever be released odn DVD or VHS?


  • They are selling the series already, but right now no one knows.
    Posted by Kirara on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • they already did.
    Posted by Kikyo kagome higurashi on Thursday December 25 ,2003
  • well they already have most of the episodes on DVD so i think that they are.i've seen them on VHS too.
    Posted by SailorSaturn on Sunday December 28 ,2003
  • yeah!go to suncoast!or and search for inuyasha
    Posted by oceania on Friday January 02 ,2004
  • Yep yep yep!
    Posted by MaidenUsagi on Sunday January 11 ,2004
  • yes dvdv and vhs i have the dvd myself
    Posted by richard on Saturday January 17 ,2004
  • right now as I write this there is already 13 dvds out and 2 more on its way. I already preorderd mine, 2/6/04-#14"Wind and void" and 2/26/04-#15"Broken Fang". Here are the ones that are out right now:#1-"Down the well" #2-"A girls Best Friend" #3-"Fathers and Sons" #4-"The Thunder Brothers" #5-"Secret of the new moon" #6-"Deadly Liasons" #7-"Secrets of the Past" #8-"Kikyos Wandering Soul" #9-"Origin of the Sacred Jewel" #10-"Scars Of Battle" #11-"Into the Miasma" #12-"Swords of Destiny" #13-"Den of Wolves"...That will leave 7 episods left to put on dvd. Witch I think will be out soon. Viz is geting them out fast right now.
    Posted by PrincessDarkFire on Sunday January 18 ,2004
  • There are quite a few places on the 'Net to find Inuyasha DVDs, but there's a site that does offer the episodes in bundle specials, one including about 102 episodes and the first movie. I know. I rock. ^_^
    Posted by Diamond on Wednesday January 21 ,2004

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