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Question:Is Sesshomaru's "poison" really poison? (It acts more like acid; when you inhale acid you'd experience anemia and numbness like Inuyasha did in episode 7) Is "poison" just poor translation from the japanese version?


  • Oh no the dubbing hardly ever maked errors like subtitles but I see where you get your thoughts thoughts from. It's poison but in the episode "Sessho-Maru the Aristocratic Assasin" It's more of a Poison Gas. Ok! Thanks for the question it probably confused a Bit og ppl and now you halped them anwser it!
    Posted by Kagura on Saturday March 20 ,2004
  • Yeah, it does act like poison gas in "Sesshomaru the Aristocratic Assassin," but in "Naraku And Sesshomaru Join Forces," he uses his "poison claws" to burn Inuyasha's wrist, and to burn a hole through his chest. That seems more like acid to me...
    Posted by Wandering Spirit on Monday March 22 ,2004
  • well, you're getting it mixed up. because the poison claws is the one where he used in Naraku and Sesshomaru Joion Forces. but in episode 7, when he turned into the giant dog, it was his saliva that was inhaled and making Inuyasha numb. If you watch it again, you'll see that the saliva was melting the bones and skulls on the floor making the mist of poison or "acid" that when inhaled, makes you numb.
    Posted by Kirara on Friday March 26 ,2004

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