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Question:does koga have any attacks besaid kicks punches


  • not that i know of the wolf demons don't really have any other attacks besides that although if you've noticed kouga does have a sword but so far never seen using it.
    Posted by angelgrl on Sunday March 21 ,2004
  • Well he mostly uses kick and punches but in episode 35 Kouga caught a theif that stole one of his shards of the Shikon no Tama and he slashed him with his nails.
    Posted by Inuyasha_loves_Kagome on Wednesday March 24 ,2004
  • Actually, i think Kouga used a claw attack or something to slice off a wing of one of the birds of paradise.
    Posted by justsomeone on Wednesday March 24 ,2004
  • He has claws, and a sword. Contrary to popularbelief, he DOES use it, but only in the manga. The TV series hasnt gotten to that point. He uses it against this weirdo experiment demon made by Hakudoushi.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Sunday March 28 ,2004

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