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Question:Ok, I need info. I got the original manga, and have all the eps to 142. However, I am not sure which of all the eps are "filler eps" and which follow the storyline in the manga? Can anyone give me ep #'s that are just fillers? I'll assume the rest follow the manga.


  • Well you got a lot for me to anwser but I'm not sure I understand I anwser it. But if you mean the diffrences between the anime and the manga I can fill you in. The Peach Man Episodes are obviously misplaced since in the manga they are in volume Nine therefor they should be in Part Two but they are not instead they are in Part Four. The Sango episode in which she has apprentices never appear in the manga because of the misplace peach man episode that was added. Ayame I am pretty sure never appears in the manga. There are a lot of small diffrences like in episode one Kagome's hands are untied before she eats. However in the manga Kaede asks "Whats the matter not hungry?" and Kagome says "Could you please untie me first!" So if you have any more questions e-mail me at
    Posted by Kagura on Saturday March 20 ,2004
  • the anime, the episodes with Tsubaki, the black miko runs much longer than manga. in manga, the twin miko apprentices never appear, and tsubaki never had black hair. and the episode with shippo's 'kokoro no kizu' isn't in the manga, and the episode with the fat boar that stole girls (including kagome) by putting a golden crown thingy on their head wasn't in manga, and episode 133-134 the woman who loved sesshomaru wasn't in manga and hojo's ancester never came out in manga (episodes 136-139??) and inuyasha never went to kagome's school festivel in manga (the episode where kagome's and ayame never was in manga and..and there's lots more...
    Posted by leneah_820 on Saturday March 27 ,2004

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