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Question:Does Rin have a crush on Sesshomaru?


  • no
    Posted by yukailover on Sunday March 28 ,2004
  • No but I think that she mite love him as a father or older brother
    Posted by Cartman on Sunday March 28 ,2004
  • No, she see's him as like an older brother or father, someone she can idolize.
    Posted by KickboxingKeleah on Sunday March 28 ,2004
  • No more like a father figure.
    Posted by Misao on Tuesday March 30 ,2004
  • Considering the fact that she suggested that Kagura loved him (^^) with what seemed to be intrest and no jealousy at all I'd have to say no. I mean thats just WRONG okay.*sweatdrop*.
    Posted by imouto-chan on Thursday April 08 ,2004

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