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Question:I understand Kagome's shards were stolen, but Miroku and Sango had some too. Now it seems they dont have them anymore, why, what happpened?


  • Sango's shard was given to her by Naraku before she knew who Naraku was, so she would have strength to continue. (She was heavily injured from Kohaku - this is just after she was introduced.) However, when she realizes Naraku is the enemy, the shard springs out of her back, and Naraku takes it back with one of his puppet's tentacles. As for Miroku, thats a good question. It said in the episode after he was introduced (with the hell painter) that he had 3 shards, looked like they were in his heart. However, they were never mentioned again. The only thing that makes sense is that Miroku, after seeing Kagome purify a shard by picking it up, realized that it would be better that Kagome keep the shards.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Saturday March 27 ,2004

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