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Question:Is Shippo a boy or girl?


  • Shippo is a boy.At episode 68,there got duel between Shippo and Souten and at the end of the duel Shippo feel shock to know that Souten is a girl because all the time he think that Souten is a boy just himself plus after our heroes live Souten place,we can see that Souten like had felt in love to Shippo she draw Shippo how he look like when he grow become an adult.
    Posted by Shippo sister on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • I'm pretty much sure shippo is a boy.
    Posted by not telling on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • he is a boy (DUH!!!!)
    Posted by sango on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • Shippo is a boy, but if I remember correctly it's a girl who supplies his voice in the anime.
    Posted by FreakishIYK on Thursday December 25 ,2003
  • Shippo is a boy, you freak!!!
    Posted by Gerard Wise on Thursday December 25 ,2003
  • he a boy see, in the episode:mystical hand of the amorous monk,miroku,when shippo take abath with kagome.
    Posted by moon on Thursday December 25 ,2003
  • Shippo is a BOY!! go to and go to shows at the bottom and it has InuYasha on it and then go to characters when you click on it and click Shippo, it will tell you he is a boy!
    Posted by Kagome on Thursday December 25 ,2003
  • He Is a Boy!!! He has already got in love with more than one girl!!
    Posted by Orphen on Thursday December 25 ,2003
  • He's a boy. (Don't get fooled by the ponytail)
    Posted by Shippo on Thursday December 25 ,2003
  • He's a boy. I agread with the other answer. It's just that in japan and the english verson the voice actor is a girl. Her name is Kumiko Watanabe for japan and the enlish verson is Jillian Micheals. You can see here. My really name is *~Jamie Seto~*,but you can call my Seto or-yee. It's my chain's name. It's better that's why!=D Like to here from you!
    Posted by Seto or-yee on Thursday December 25 ,2003
  • Oddly enough, Shippo is a boy. When I saw my first episode where Miroku steals Kagome and rides her bike, I could have sworn shippo was a girl, maybe because he was going to get in the hot springs with Kagome. And to mix it up even more, I believe that there is a bow on his ponytail.
    Posted by NekoYasha6666 on Friday December 26 ,2003
  • I agree to shippo and seto, shippo is a boy.You thought it was a girl right?. I thought of it too, but i just realize he was a boy. yup, shippo is a boy.
    Posted by kikyo kagome higurashi on Saturday December 27 ,2003
  • shippo's a boy,it's kind of obvious in the comicbooks,but a little harder in the anime shows.
    Posted by SailorSaturn on Sunday December 28 ,2003
  • Shippo is a boy.I thought that it was obvious...
    Posted by Kagome Higurashi on Tuesday December 30 ,2003
  • Boy
    Posted by OReo on Wednesday December 31 ,2003
  • Shippo is a boy.Don`t let the bow in his hair fool you.
    Posted by Mia11 on Thursday January 01 ,2004
  • I use to think he was a girl when I first started watching Inuyasha because he sounded like a girl, he had a bow in his hair and he talked like a girl. But Shippo's a boy since he's been refered as a 'he' many times and he ends up liking a girl in one of the episodes.
    Posted by Miko Kagome on Saturday January 03 ,2004
  • he is a boy.....for the episode where they meet miroku.....and kagome is in the hot spring.....shippo takes off his clothes and they kinda show the thing
    Posted by sessyfangirl on Friday January 09 ,2004
  • i had the same prob cuase i didnt see the thunder bro episodes yet the voice ansd hair really get u but he is a boy. u can tell with his ego and how inuyasha only hits boys.fights with girls but never punches them.
    Posted by songo on Sunday January 11 ,2004
  • He is a boy. If you get the DVD you can even see a little of his you-know-what in episode 16. CN digitally edited it so you can't see on TV for obvious reasons.
    Posted by Sango1115 on Wednesday February 11 ,2004
  • Oh my god.... that's sad... Hello?! BOY BOY BOY BOY BOY BOY!!!!! even my friend who never watched a single episode can say that
    Posted by Gem on Thursday February 12 ,2004
  • He's a boy obviously. If you think the ponytail and the bow in the hair make him a girl, what does that make sessho-maru with his flower patterned kimono.
    Posted by Smiley Gurl on Friday February 13 ,2004
  • Shippo-chan is a boy, belive it or not. He look's like a girl ideed, but if he said, that Kagome is cute, can he be a girl,hmmm?
    Posted by Reetta-chan on Saturday February 14 ,2004
  • HIS A BOY. DUH!!
    Posted by kagomee on Monday February 16 ,2004
  • He is a boy but female voice actresses play his voice to make him sound cute. ^__^
    Posted by Reona on Saturday February 21 ,2004
  • A boy,even though he wears a FREAKEN BOW ON HIS HEAD!
    Posted by Mike D. on Saturday February 21 ,2004
  • A BOY!!! It's kind of obvious... i mean, if u have seen episode 16 u kno wat i mean ( i was forever blinded) also when ppl talk about shippo, they say HE not SHE its a dead giveaway.
    Posted by sesshmoo's loova ^-^ on Tuesday March 02 ,2004
    Posted by SESSHOMARU'S GIRL on Wednesday March 03 ,2004
  • shippos a boy!!! look on adult or watch episode 16
    Posted by on Sunday March 14 ,2004
  • shippo is a boy it says so in the ep when they meet maroko(how ever u spell it) or the ep before they meet him
    Posted by ambre im me somethime on aim at disturbedpunk722 on Tuesday March 30 ,2004

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