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Question:why doesn't sessoumaru just revive kikyo? problem solved!


  • K, in case you havn't noticed, he cant revive ppl out of thin air, he needs a corpse! If he could, he would have given himself back his arm! He cant make an arm for himself because he cant make one from nothing. Kikyo is NOT a reanimated corpse, she is animated SOIL, it wont work! Also it doesn't solve all her problems, she will still need to feed off souls. Sesshomaru can't do anything with her ashes either, i doubt he can reform the ashes back into flesh. Besides, why would Sesshomaru do something like that? He doesn't wander the countryside solving ppls problems for free! And he certainly wouldn't do it to help Inuyasha out. Also, if he somehow did do it, Kagome would have no chance romantically with Inuyasha, and the makers cant have that happen.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Saturday March 27 ,2004
  • Lets just say he dosent feel like it.
    Posted by Misao on Tuesday March 30 ,2004

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