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Question:If Inuyasha were to use the jewl to become a demon what would he be like and look like?


  • In a couple of episodes he turned to a demon because his sword was broken,thrown aside, and stolen. Basicly his eyes glowed red and he kept growling. It was freaky. He just lived to kill! This tree demon said that if he keeps transforming he'll stay like than forever and kill till he dies. Oh yeah and everytime he transformes he gets more out of control. The last time he didn't even remember anything!
    Posted by Shippo on Thursday December 25 ,2003
  • he gets scratches on his cheeks like how sesshomaru has but both sides and there purp plus his eyes turn red and purp and he goes crazy not even knowin if he wuz dead ure anything like in dbz when gohan turns into monkey
    Posted by tensaigablade on Wednesday December 31 ,2003

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