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Question:How did inuyashas dad and mom create him I mean you see his dad hes huge and his mom is regular human size kinda sickining thinking about it.


  • The entire series is based on chinese mythology. In chinese mythology, a demon's true form is an animal, and they revert back to that form either at will or upon death. For proof, Shippo's dad's pelt is like a real fox. Also, when miroku slew the spirit weasel fox, it turned into normal weasel. same goes for the lizard demon they fought in episode 53. Also, Sesshomaru is not a huge dog, he morphs into humanoid form. So, inuyasha's dad morphed to human to mate with ihs mom. As for the huge skeleton gravesite? Upon death, he reverted back to normal. (if he hadnt done so already in battle)
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Saturday March 27 ,2004
  • heh. Powerful demons (& kitsunes of course) have a human form. They can change at will. Also, when they die, they change into a regular animal (the type of demon they were)
    Posted by kiyali on Wednesday March 31 ,2004

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