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Question:Are There any episodes where inuyasha is like nude or almost nude?


  • Yes - episode 82. Kagome has a big test, Inuyasha hangs out in Kagome's time. Kagome cant concentrate on her math with inu there, so she asks Souta to keep him busy. So they take a bath. Inuyasha screams in pain from the heat of the water. He runs into kagome's room, wearing only soap bubbles, and carrying his clothes in his hand. Kagome gets mad and throws anything she can reach at him. Very funny scene! I think thats the only time though.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Saturday March 27 ,2004
  • Eps 82
    Posted by Inuyasha---Shyru Beauty on Monday March 29 ,2004
  • Ep. 79 the onsen scene and 82 when Inuyasha was at Kagome home...Oh by the way would U want to know?...LOL...Jokes
    Posted by RaKeLiNhA on Wednesday March 31 ,2004
  • As you already know Inuyasha does in episode 82, but he is also in episode 79"Jaken's tetsiaga snatching operation. When they are at the hotsprings inuyasha is again seen nude and again it is by Kagome LOL, uhhh.....why do you want to know this anyway LOL!^_^
    Posted by Jen-chan on Wednesday March 31 ,2004

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