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Question:If its true that the last jewel shard is in inuyasha's dads grave how did it get in there


  • Yuppers, its true. This is in a really really late episode. Housenki took it there. He was a friend of Inuyasha's father (Inutaisho), and his ability is jewels. He created the black pearl in inuyasha's eye. He can also talk to jewels. One day, he stumbled on a shikon shard. The shard, as a jewel, told him never to let it reunite with the rest of the jewel, or Naraku will do terrible terrible things. So, Housenki made a portal, (probly with another of his jewels), and went off to Inutaisho's tomb. Then he stayed there to protect it.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Sunday March 28 ,2004
  • Yes, Housenki took it there Because the jewel told him if it was fully connected naraku would do horrible things with it
    Posted by Inuyasha---Shyru Beauty on Monday March 29 ,2004

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