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Question:If Inuyasha could kill his fathers old enemy Ryu...something how come Inyasha's dad couldnt.Like his dad is giant and Inuyasha was like a flea on his dead dad's shoulder when he was at the gravesite.


  • It could have been because inuyasha had tesuaga(sorry for the spelling).Think about it; Inuyasha has his own power plus his father's power that is in the tetsiaga(still trying to spell it right^_^), so it would have made it alot easier for inuyasha to defeat ryu....something than it would have been for his father. Thats my opinion anways^_^
    Posted by Jen-chan on Wednesday March 31 ,2004
  • well, you've heard myouga saying the reason why tessaiga became heavy, haven't you? he said that inuyasha has his fang embedded on the tessaiga. it got heavy because his fang is inferior to his father. tessaiga wasn't just made of his father's fang, inuyasha has also a huge contribution to make tessaiga stronger. defeating ryu is imaginable by then.
    Posted by kahlua-chan on Thursday April 01 ,2004

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