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Question:What kind of demon is Shesshomaru?


  • Dog demon. Inu and Sesshy are half-brothers, they have same father, so sesshy is at least half dog. Also, when he transforms, he changes into giant dog. hes a dog demon. Woof.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Sunday March 28 ,2004
  • SESSHOMARU is adog demon
    Posted by yukailover on Sunday March 28 ,2004
  • Full dog youlai. Yup.
    Posted by Nikki on Sunday March 28 ,2004
  • DOG^_^
    Posted by Inuyasha---Shyru Beauty on Monday March 29 ,2004
  • Sesshomaru is a dog demon just like inuyasha^_^, bark, bark
    Posted by Jen-chan on Wednesday March 31 ,2004

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