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Question:Does Sesshomaru still want Tetsusaiga even though he has TOKIJIN sword


  • Probably. Tetsusaiga is a lot stronger than the Tokigen. Think about it, Tokigen is made from Goshinki's fangs. Tetsusaiga is made from Inutaisho's fangs (inuyasha's father). Furthermore, tetsusaiga was made by totosai, tokigen was by Kaijinbou. Chances are, totosai is better than kaijinbou. Tetsusaiga > Tokigen. It just didn't look like that in the show because Inuyasha couldn't handle it, it was too heavy at that point. Also, he probly wants it for pride. He is full of himself, thinks he is superior, and is mad that Inuyasha inherited the tetsusaiga instead of him.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Sunday March 28 ,2004
  • In eps 133 and 134 Sesshomaru had a chance to take Tetsusaiga, but he let Inu have it. This could be because Inu wasn't fully ready to fight at the time, and Sesshomaru wants to win it- not steal it. But it is probably because Tetsusaiga burned Sesshomaru when he used it. Though the sword is inately more powerful than Tokijin, Sesshomaru cannot use it effectively. This means it has little value in Sesshomaru's eyes.
    Posted by Cougiecat on Sunday March 28 ,2004

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