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Question:Did they take the shard out of Kohaku's back yet .If its out he still lives,would still be under Naraku's control or no.


  • No, they didn't. However, Naraku wants it back, but won't take it out, because he wants sango to feel pain, he wants her to kill Kohaku herself. They say in show that its the only thing keeping him alive, if its taken out he will die, though he should be okay - he's had time to heal. As for the control thingy, Naraku can't hold on to Kohaku, even while he has the shard in him. Much later in series kohaku gets his memories back on his own, but continues serving naraku, hoping to get a position close to Naraku's heart, (the baby that Kanna protects), so he can slay naraku.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Sunday March 28 ,2004

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