Inuyasha FAQ



  • Red Tetsusaiga is the regular Tetsusaiga but it has gained the ability to destroy barriers.
    Posted by justsomeone on Tuesday March 30 ,2004
  • Inuyasha wanted to kill Naraku. You know that already. But, he couldn't break through Naraku's barriers. So, Totosai told him to go to so and so and kill this powerful so and so, and if he does, Tetsusaiga will absorb their power and become able to break barriers. So Inu and the gang go over, they meet Shiori, a half-bat demon. After some fighting with her grandfather, she allowed them to smash her shield making orb. By killing the orb, the Tetsusaiga gained more power and becomes red sometimes when Inu uses it. However, after Inu broke through once, and nearly slew Naraku, Naraku ran away and made himself even stronger, so Inu still couldnt break through anymore until he gained the Kongousouja ( i think) attack.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Tuesday March 30 ,2004

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