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Question:does sesshomaru like inuyasha b4 he got tetsuga


  • i dun think so. i think sesshomaru still hates inuyasha because sesshoumaru thinks only full breeds fit in the family.
    Posted by lester222 on Monday March 29 ,2004
  • Don't think so...i think he always hated Inuyasha, ever since he was born a hanyou...but i am quite sure the Tetsuga incident and the fact that he was sealed by Kikyo (because he fell in love w/ her) didn't help either. The latter point is perfectly shown in Eps. 75, 76 and 77 when Sesshoumaru ( or was it Jaken? )had a flash back of the battle against the "cats", which took place during the period of time in which Inuyasha was "dead". Sesshoumaru (SS) seemed to agree with Jaken to ask Inuyasha for help....which was a bit weird (well Jaken went off by himself to find Inuyasha without telling "SS", but when he found out about it he didn't seemed to be disgusted..and didn't punish Jaken either). I might have misunderstood it...but this is my point of view...
    Posted by RaKeLiNha on Tuesday March 30 ,2004
  • I don't think so, because inuyasha is a half- youkai and the series ahd already shown how the society "loves" them (both youkai and human). But their relationship before inuyasha was sealed was never shown. Maybe he didn't hate his little brother so much then, because after the inuyasha return, a lot of things happened between them, and their relationship got worse after that.
    Posted by shippou br on Thursday April 01 ,2004

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