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Question:How can miroku ride a bicycle


  • Haha thats a good question. I noticed that too in the episode with the hell painter, the one after he was introduced. I guess he just watched Kagome, and assumed it was easy. The only thing keeping kids from learning is that they are scared. Miroku wasnt scared and learned quickly.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Tuesday March 30 ,2004
  • I know which episode you are talking about but it seemed to me that he wasn't actually riding it...he was pushing it
    Posted by RaKeLiNhA on Wednesday March 31 ,2004
  • I think he was just watching Kagome and figured out that you have to use the pedals to go forward and feet down to stop(otherwise it had a kickstand.)
    Posted by Kogagirl on Thursday April 01 ,2004

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