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Question:How EXACTLY did Nuraku manupilate Kikyo and Inuyasha, I missed the first episode?


  • He made himself look like Inuyasha then he hurt Kikyo.Then took the Sacred jewel.Kikyo then sealed Inuyasha to the tree with her arrow and she died.
    Posted by Mia11 on Thursday January 01 ,2004
  • You find this out later in the series. Naraku's plan was two-fold: first, he disguised himself as Inuyasha and stole the jewel from Kikyo when she brought it too him (she believed he was going to use the jewel to become human). After this, he disguised himself as Kikyo and shot several arrows at Inuyasha, making him think she betrayed him. Therefore he went after the jewel (which Naraku returned to the temple to complete the trap) and when he tried to make off with it, Kikyo shot him and then died.
    Posted by Drakken/theanimeman on Friday January 16 ,2004
  • in the first episode it doesnt tell you but you can always see like a million flashbacks of that episode all over the place (gets kinda annoying)
    Posted by sesshmoo's loova ^-^ on Tuesday March 02 ,2004

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