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Question:How do the voices compare in the english and Japanese shows?


  • the Japanese voice actor for Inuyasha is really good. While the english voice actor just sounds like some punk kid, the japanese has this cool growling tone to his voice that really makes him sound feril, like an animal. Also, the japanese one growls. The english doesnt growl at all. As for Kagome, the english voice actor sounds more childish than the japanese actor, not that its bad or anything. For Miroku, i think the english actor sounds more calm and intellectual than the japanese actor. Again, im not saying this is a bad thing or not. For Sesshomaru, the japanese actor has a more musical, deep lilt to his voice, the english is kinda whispery. Same goes for naraku. For Kikyo, the Japanese actor sounds more calm, the english one is more commanding. Sango and Shippo were very hard to compare, sry. However, all of these are my OPINIONS, based on the japanese episodes i downloaded and the english ones i saw on tv.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Friday April 02 ,2004

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