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Question:How many jewel shards are there?


  • Probably less than 100 (maybe less than 50). It looked like the group had ~1/4 of the jewel in the spider heads episode. At that point they had one shard from the crow, one from the frog, one from the mask, and 5 from the thunder brothers. That's 8. Some shards were bigger than others, so there could have been lots of little fragments floating around too. Naraku collected lots of shards, so it's impossible to give an exact number.
    Posted by cougiecat on Friday April 02 ,2004
  • Nobody knows. You can count how many inu and company have collected, but you cant count Naraku's. Also, the shards combine into bigger shards sometimes, like in the first episode where Inuyasha transformed to human, and episode 98. Usually, Kagome and company can only keep their hands on 1-4 shards before they get stolen somehow.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Friday April 02 ,2004

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