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Question:How many Inu-Yasha Episodes Have been released in America?


  • 52
    Posted by KOUGA on Thursday January 01 ,2004
  • They have released 52 episodes in America.
    Posted by Mia11 on Thursday January 01 ,2004
  • Currently 52 epidoes have been showed and supposedly 52 new episodes are supposed to be shown this year, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see about it.
    Posted by Anjal on Friday January 02 ,2004
  • 52 so far but they are going to be showing 52 more episodes later (after the reruns)
    Posted by inutikidude on Tuesday January 13 ,2004
  • THERE IS 53 PEOPLE!!!!!!! COUNT THEM ON!!!!!
    Posted by fLOWERpOT on Friday January 30 ,2004
  • Well on adult swim in dub is around 52, but if u buy it on dvd in subtitles, then about most of the series.
    Posted by sara on Thursday February 12 ,2004
  • There are now 77, on Adult Swim. go check for yourself on the episode guides.
    Posted by DeMoN MaMi on Sunday February 29 ,2004
  • 52 But why on earth would you want to se the ones released in america when they've been sliced up and censored? I caompared them and the originals from Japan are far more in depth and they include all the scenes too.
    Posted by Soul of Inuyasha on Monday March 01 ,2004
  • there are 52 look on adult
    Posted by on Sunday March 14 ,2004

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