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Question:Will Sesshomaru regain back his left arm?


  • Uhm...I don't think's probally rotted out by now.
    Posted by Bulla on Thursday January 01 ,2004
  • we see the arm again in the third movie. the antagonistc (i dont know his name) finds sesshou-maru's lost arm and uses it for himself in order to weild the third sword made by iny-yash's and sesshou-maru's father. I believe he needs to have the limb of a blood relative in order to weild the sword.
    Posted by kay on Tuesday February 17 ,2004
  • the closest thing i can say 2 sesshomaru gettin a new arm is wen he kills a demon and takes their own arm 4 his.but after awhile it starts to decay!
    Posted by Inu-Yasha143 roxs! on Friday February 27 ,2004

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