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Question:Wiil Adult Swim ever air the Opening themes and videos on TV?


  • no, they would'nt because if they took out the commercials to put it in, that wouldnt fly well with the machos*sponsers* and besides, change the world isnt that great, but I Am is awesome!
    Posted by i know all for i am shanyn on Thursday January 01 ,2004
  • When Inuyasha first appeared on Adult Swim they did have the opening theme and song, but only for a little bit.
    Posted by justsomeone on Wednesday January 14 ,2004
  • I know that on Adult Swim they only showed the opening theme a few times. But on YTV in Canada, they do show the opening all the time and noe they are showing the 2nd opening theme (I am). I'm Canadian so I get to see it so :P! Sorry, but I don't think they'll ever show them in the US but dont worry, that's the only plus to watch InuYasha on YTV, so far it's only shown episodes 1-38 but they show 2 new episodes every Friday at 10:00 pm, if you want to see the opening again, you can check out YTV. ( Hope this was a help! *~soyo-chan~*
    Posted by soyo-chan on Saturday February 14 ,2004
  • No unfortunatly. It's because the beginning song is to long to air... or at least what adult swim said. That stinks though. The songs in Inuyasha are so pretty and the images are beautiful.
    Posted by Gem on Tuesday February 17 ,2004

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