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Question:will kagome and kikyo ever become friends and if they do in what ep./eps.


  • In one episode Kagome helps Kikyo out and I think saves her life even though she's not sure f she wants to . Kikyo and Kagome sorta become friends for like ONE SECOND. Thats the only time I think OH by the way check out GAMEGIRLs episode summary if you havn't seen the videos because they're really good & detailed.
    Posted by Oreo on Wednesday December 31 ,2003
  • I think oreo was referring ep.32 ("kikyo&inuyasha into the miasma"). but in ep.98, it was when kagome and kikyo got trapped into a cave which was a youkai's inner body, without inuyasha's awareness, they happen to have unusual conversations. they didn't actually end up as close friends but they believed in each other and believed that they can beat the youkai and get out of it without letting either one of them die.
    Posted by kahlua-chan on Thursday March 04 ,2004

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