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Question:Does anyone know when the IY shows will all be airing in the U.S?


  • The Inuyasha shows air at 11:00 P.M. to 11:30 P.M. Central time. It may be different in another state and not down south of the U.S.A(Florida)
    Posted by KougaLoVr on Thursday January 01 ,2004
  • It's on the Adult Swim section of Cartoon Network.
    Posted by kirara_rocks on Friday January 09 ,2004
  • here in nevada it comes on at 12:00
    Posted by songo on Monday January 12 ,2004
  • it comes on Mon-Thurs on cartoon network at midnight and then again at 3 am...supposedly theyre gonna show some newer episodes that have been now dubbed over...this is as of january 16
    Posted by sesshommaru on Sunday January 18 ,2004
  • Cartoon network already played 52 Eps. of InuYasha. This SPRING 2004 will be 52 more Episodes showing. Yes America is slow geting there. But there is a lot more then that in Japan.
    Posted by PrincessDarkFire on Thursday January 22 ,2004
  • Cartoon Network @ 12:30, though id reccomend watching all of the shows (11 pm-2 am Mon-Thurs) theyve been on since i think sept. 2, 2001. little late bro
    Posted by Inuyasha the Dog Demon on Tuesday February 17 ,2004
  • yeah,it comes on cartoon network's,''adult swim'',at 12:30.after witch hunter episodes should be showin' pretty soon too.
    Posted by kouga's girl on Friday February 27 ,2004
  • They've changed since that new show Witch Hunter Robin it now airs at 12:30 AND 3:30 I recommemd watching it at 3:30 you set an alarm clock or something cause everytime I try to stay awake I fall asleep!
    Posted by on Friday February 27 ,2004

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