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Question:will Inuyasha kill sesshomaru


  • no he never ever duz 2 reasons iy is not stronger then him and plus they set a truce in ep 76
    Posted by tensaigablade on Wednesday December 31 ,2003
  • No. The series hasn't even ended yet, but I can already tell you that the answer is no. There was a scene in chapter 129 of the manga (volume 14, chapter 1) that never made it into the anime that pretty much stated this explicitly ("No matter what hate you hold for him, Sesshoumaru is still your older brother. You couldn't bring yourself to be ruthless enough to murder your own brother.").
    Posted by Patches on Thursday January 01 ,2004
  • Sesshoumaru will never be slaughtered by anyone unless he loses his Tenseiga sword which heals him automaticly when he is injured enough to die. As long as he has his sword , he is immortal.
    Posted by Bulla on Saturday January 03 ,2004
  • Well his sword Tenseiga is a life givin' sword .Fluffy has died at least once the episode when inu learns the wind scar but the tensegia revived that kinda makes him imotal exsept it takes a while to heal.
    Posted by Blah on Thursday January 22 ,2004
  • Inuyasha did but then the Tenseiga healed him.Inuyasha once teamed up with Sesshoumaru and once and only once,Sesshoumaru saved Kagome.Do you think he will just kill him? He does have the Tenseiga for one reason...
    Posted by Takahashi's Inuyasha Fan on Sunday February 29 ,2004
  • Inuyasha is too soft to kill his brother. In the earlier episodes, maybe, but now... i don't think so. It is his BROTHER. Plus, he wouldn't be able to no matter what. Tenseiga will protect Sesshomaru. It would be nice if by the end of the series, some relationship between the brother could be forged.
    Posted by GD on Monday March 15 ,2004
  • no sess is stronger than inu and plus hes got tenseiga to revive him if he dies
    Posted by silverfang on Wednesday April 07 ,2004

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