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Question:What does the name "Inuyasha" mean in Japanese?


  • Inuyasha in Japanese translates to "Dog-Demon" but many people are confused with a different version that means it's a female dog demon which is wrong.
    Posted by Naraku on Sunday December 21 ,2003
  • Inu means "dog" yasha means "demon"
    Posted by zach on Monday December 22 ,2003
  • It actually has two meaning because it is two words. Inu means dog and Yasha means friendly spirit.
    Posted by Inu's kid Bro on Monday December 22 ,2003
  • It means Dog Demon
    Posted by Sangonies on Tuesday December 23 ,2003
  • In some book i read about Inuyasha, Rumiko Takahaski said that INU is dog, and YASHA is forest spirt.
    Posted by Kouga on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • it roughly means dog-demon and he is a half dog-demon
    Posted by Ginny on Saturday December 27 ,2003
  • Dog Demon,oh friend oh buddy oh pal!^_^
    Posted by Kyoto Fan on Monday December 29 ,2003
  • Yo this is Inu's kid Bro it means "Dog" and "Friendly Spirit" because "Yasha" means Friendly Spirit. PS it DOES NOT mean demon because youkai means demon. Also I'm japanese I know these things.
    Posted by Inu's kid Bro on Wednesday December 31 ,2003
  • inu=dog and yasha=demon so inuyasha means dog demon.
    Posted by kikyo kagome higurashi on Thursday January 08 ,2004
  • it means dog demon.......well he is a dog demon you should know that
    Posted by sessyfangirl on Friday January 09 ,2004
    Posted by inu's girl on Saturday January 17 ,2004
  • It means Dog-forest spirit.
    Posted by InuYashadoll on Saturday January 17 ,2004
  • InuYasha means "Dog Demon" Sesshoumaru means "Destrction Of Life" Tenseiga means "Heaven Life Fang" Tetsusaiga means "Iron Breaking Fang" I just thought I should add a little more in. LOL
    Posted by PrincessDarkFire on Tuesday January 20 ,2004
  • Dog-demon. Literally. It does NOT mean female-dog or female-demon or something like that. That would be stupid. And we all know Ms.Rumiko-sama is smart.
    Posted by Nikki on Saturday February 14 ,2004
  • Actually, I went to the official website for the 3rd Inuyasha movie, and if you translate it into English it said that Inuyasha literally means "dog night".
    Posted by Sakura Higurashi on Sunday February 15 ,2004
  • literali...its dog demon....inu->dog yasha-demon...get tha point...?? okai =D
    Posted by buddhistxbabi on Tuesday February 17 ,2004
  • It means Dog Demon! My cousin ASKED his Japanese teacher!
    Posted by Reona on Saturday February 21 ,2004
  • In Kanji Inu means dog Ya means night and Sha is evil or demon (I don't know which)
    Posted by Okina on Monday February 23 ,2004
  • Inu means dog, yasha means friendly spirit! I HATE it when people think its demon, because youkai is demon. Rumiko Takahashi herself also said in an interview that she started with inu and just added yasha. Yasha does NOT MEAN DEMON YOU WEIRD PEOPLE! ~gomen~
    Posted by Inu fan on Wednesday March 03 ,2004
  • It's no secret that 'inu' means 'dog' (shiba-inu), but there seems to be some controversy over 'yasha'. I think 'forest spirit' is indeed the best translation. If anime, manga and Japanese television/movies have taught me one thing, it's that YOU CANNOT GET A LITERAL TRANSLATION OF A UNIQUELY JUDEO-CHRISTIAN CONCEPT IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE OR CULTURE. There's no omniscient God sitting upon a throne in a realm of clouds looking down upon a fiery pit of sulfur and pitchfork-wielding goat-legged demons. Oh, sure, there's vague approximations of hell like Yomi, but in general almost ALL Eastern religions are strictly reincarnationist (Shinto, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.). Can you name even TWO anime/manga series that use the same term for demon?! Come on. Seriously. Here's my list from a brief analysis : Inuyasha = youkai Vampire Princess Miyu = shinma Slayers = mazoku Sailor Moon = youma Various sources = Oni, akuma, bakemono Demons are not bat-winged scorpion-tailed venomous agents of Satan in Japanese media; it's a very vague approximation for MONSTERS of any sort. Hell, even Pokemon or Digimon could be demons. So lay off and stop trying to say there's only one word for 'demons'.
    Posted by Mahoutsukai on Wednesday March 24 ,2004
  • It means ether Dog-Demon or Dog of the Drk tree inu-Dog Ya-Dark sha-prt of a tree where two branches conect.
    Posted by Kagomes fan club on Thursday April 08 ,2004

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