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Question:Will koga get along with inuyasha


  • well yea kinda they becum neutrul and still fite fer kagome but oviousley inuyasha winds but kouga gets ayamme so it all works out holmes
    Posted by tensaigablade on Saturday January 03 ,2004
  • he kind of does in a teasing kind of way but hes his rival in love even though inuyasha wont admitt it
    Posted by songo on Monday January 12 ,2004
  • well i don't really know but in episode 46 or so they faught side by side (which may i add i really liked but i also like it when they faight each other phisicly and by insaulting each other lol)when they were fighting juromuru and kagaromuru (excuse me lang can't spell) but sometimes they do get along...for all of 10 seconds (seriously they can't talk normaly 4 long without starting a fight)
    Posted by kikyo_kagura_kouga_fan_ on Tuesday March 23 ,2004

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