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Question:What is Jennifer in Japanese and what does it mean? I also like to know what does Sesshomaru mean in Japanese? thank you so much.^-^


  • "Jennifer" isn't a Japanese name, therefore doesn't mean anything in Japanese. It could perhaps be approximated in the Japanese syllabary as "Jennifaa" (ジェンニファー), but, again, this word isn't a Japanese word, so has no meaning. Sesshoumaru's name, on the other hand, is made up of three Chinese characters: "setsu" (to kill), "shou" (life), and "maru" (circle). The "maru" ending, however, simply signifies a male name in this case, so the actual meaning of his name is something like "destruction of life".
    Posted by Patches on Thursday January 01 ,2004
  • Jennifer has no meaning in Japanese but it is written in katakana. Sesshoumaru is roughly translated as Killing know as the "Circle of Life"?
    Posted by jarjayes on Saturday February 21 ,2004
  • Sesshormaru, Means Destrotion of the circle of life
    Posted by Kagomefehfeh on Saturday February 21 ,2004
  • i dont think jennifer has a japanese meaning but sesshomaru's name means "da destruction of the circle of life" cool ain't it? lolz
    Posted by Inu-Yasha143 roxs! on Friday February 27 ,2004
  • I dont think you couild get a tranlation of Jennifer in japanese because it has no Japanese origin ans Sesshomaru means "killing blade"
    Posted by Geraldine on Sunday March 07 ,2004
  • Jennifer is not a japanese name so it would be written depending on the sounds and Sesshoumaru means "kill life circle" but in japanese maru is usually an ending for boys' names if it is true in this case the name would mean "kill life".
    Posted by okinawapet on Saturday March 20 ,2004

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