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Question:If Inuyasha turned into a dog, a whole dog, will Kagome will love him?


  • No, because Inuyasha would of lost all feelings for Kagome. Inuyasha becoming a demon changes everything that he is.
    Posted by naraku on Sunday December 21 ,2003
  • yes because she will always love Inuyasha no matter what even after him and kikyo were together she couldnt stop loveing him
    Posted by kagome on Monday December 22 ,2003
  • Yes she will. After everything that's happened to them she loves him.So even if Inuyasha changes completly Kagome will still love him, why shouldn't she?
    Posted by Kitty on Monday December 22 ,2003
  • yes kagome loves him now and she always will, no matter what. love is not a matter of whether inuyasha is a dog or not but of how kagome fells
    Posted by Inya, Daghter of Inuyasha and Kagome on Monday December 22 ,2003
  • The hell kind question is this? ask something that's actually happened in the show not fantasize about something that's just completely out of the show.
    Posted by on Tuesday December 23 ,2003
  • I think so
    Posted by Sangonies on Tuesday December 23 ,2003
  • yes, beacause if she truly loves him nothing will ever make her stop loving inuyasha.
    Posted by sango on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • Of cousre she will (DUH)she'll love him through thik and thin, it wouldn't matter to her, because she is inlove with him and only him!!!!!!!!! It would never change, her heart is pure and she will never stop loving him...NEVER!!! she loves him and never stops thinking of HIM,she will never change her mind because it is set on inuyasha!!!!!!!
    Posted by Inuyasha and Kagome's love on Friday January 16 ,2004
  • If Kagome really LOVES InuYasha, It should not matter. Thats Iwhat I think. ;-)
    Posted by PrincessDarkFire on Tuesday January 20 ,2004
  • no, because that would be beastiality. ;)
    Posted by ~Anonymous at Moment on Friday January 23 ,2004
  • She would be in love with the old Inuyasha,(she always will)but not the dog Inu.
    Posted by Watersprite on Thursday February 12 ,2004
  • YES!!!!!!!!! SHE WILL ALWAYS LOVE HER INUYASHA!!!!!!!! I WOULD BE HEARTBROKEN IF SHE DIDN'T!!! Anyways, I think she would be completely heartbroken if he did, but she would stay by his side even if it meant him killing her *shudders* or him losing all complete feelings for her *shudders again* By the way. This is more of an opinion question so you'll probably get different answers, ^_^
    Posted by Nikki on Saturday February 14 ,2004
  • IF InuYasha turned into a whole dog, Kagome would still love him but will be very devastated and will try to turn InuYasha back under ANY circumstances.
    Posted by Jynxer on Wednesday April 07 ,2004

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