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Question:Do Inuyasha and Kagome ever get married?


  • yes thy do
    Posted by on Friday January 30 ,2004
  • no they never do. just more bakas trying to steer you wrong. the same bakas who say that the characters get married and have kids are the same bakas that say that the characters had sex in the episodes. i just want to clear this up, NO ONE HAD SEX IN THE EPS, NONE OF THE CHARACTERS GOT MARRIED, NONE OF THE CHARACTERS HAD ANY KIDS.
    Posted by gamergirl on Wednesday February 04 ,2004
  • I think they could if they really wanted to in the future. Why can't they just because your to people living in different placles does it really matter there are all sorts of things to do to work it out if its something they really want.
    Posted by slj on Tuesday March 02 ,2004

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