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Question:Where can I download the song I Am?


  • kazaa
    Posted by tensaigablade on Saturday January 03 ,2004
  • WINMX, man! or or
    Posted by Kawaii_Shanyn! on Tuesday January 13 ,2004
  • you can go to and go to music and you can download it as a MP3 and a video.
    Posted by inuangel82 on Friday January 16 ,2004
  • kazaa...morpheous[however its spelled...i recomend dont use sucks] n others..or u can always ask ur frends ^^
    Posted by buddhistxbabi on Tuesday February 17 ,2004
  • Well there's this place called Musica and it has alot of the Inuyasha songs there um... go here
    Posted by Kagura... The Wind on Sunday February 29 ,2004

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