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Question:Who will Inuyasha choose in the end, Kagome or Kikyo?


  • no one is really sure. but i think that it can go 2 ways here.option #1:kikyuo will return to her nice old self, inuyasha chooses kagome, and kikyuo will understand. or option #2:since there's alot of history between inuyasha and kikyuo, they'll end up together, but i think Kagome will be sad but understand. Of course,there is option #3:inuyasha dumps both of 'em 'cause i'm already his current girlfriend,not them!
    Posted by inuyasha's girlfriend:Taylor on Monday December 22 ,2003
  • I'm thinking kagome because kikyo only wants to bring Inuyasha to hell but kagome wants him to be happy so at the end i think kagome and Inuyasha will be together
    Posted by kagome on Monday December 22 ,2003
  • inuyasha will be with kegome when he is a live. when he dies he will be with kikyo. and if inuyasha die/she kills him her soul will depart to the land of the dead
    Posted by roleb on Monday December 22 ,2003
  • kikyo die so i think inuyasha is picking kagome
    Posted by suki on Monday December 22 ,2003
  • well in my eyes there are many choises: #1:in one eposoid that is in 100 something kikyo dies for her second time and does not come back by my Inuyasha picks Kagome. #2 Kikyo and Inuyasha died at the same the fuchur kikyo is reencarnated into kagome. soul mates must be put on this earth together. so shouldn't Inuyasha be reencarnated 2? in any case Inuyasha and kikyo die together piecefully and go to heaven and kagome goes back 2 her time 2 acudentally meet Inuyasha's reencarnation and thay will fall i love and be togather thats just 2 of the many
    Posted by Inya, Daghter of Inuyasha and Kagome on Monday December 22 ,2003
  • you spelled a LOT of words wrong and i think kagome
    Posted by inuyasha is da man on Monday December 22 ,2003
  • around ep. 190 or somthing, he acctually chooses Kagome over Kikyo, but he tells her he loves her in ep. 137. His "love" for kikyo was more desperate. It could have been anyone s'long as they were nice to him. It just wasn't special. Now he feels commitment to her. He love Kagome truely and deeply though. She was special and accsepted him for who he was (unlike Kikyo, who wanted him to change so SHE could be free [keh, it's all about her]) plus Kikyo's dead, and I don't think he really wants to go to hell with her. He just feels guilty. He really needs Kagome also. If she were gone... *digs protectave concrete shak underground* the world would not be a happy place (and he would be all depressed ;_; ) He chooses Kagome!!!! (and if Kikyo really loved him, then she wouldn't want him to die like that! She would just let him be happy [like Kagome])
    Posted by CyberYoukai on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • Inuyasha WILL choose Kagome. (look at 10new episode summeries #137)
    Posted by Kirara on Saturday December 27 ,2003
  • Inuyasha WILL choose Kagome. (look at 10new episode summeries #137)
    Posted by Kirara on Saturday December 27 ,2003
  • Inuyasha will choose Kagome because now he loves Kagome back then is when he loved Kikyo.
    Posted by Inuyashas honey on Thursday January 01 ,2004
  • probably kagome because she said she doesnt care what he looks like she still love him no matter what.kikiyou on the other hand wanted him to turn human so she could be a normal woman.
    Posted by on Thursday January 01 ,2004
  • Inuyasha is hoping to be a demon, but all thru we can see that he is a loving soft hearted man. And it will take him a while to realize that Kagome helped him realize himself and naturally, Kagome will be the one. Especially after Kikyo told Inuyasha that they could never go back to what they used to be. Which one would you pick?
    Posted by Uniquagome on Tuesday January 13 ,2004
  • In the episode "Return To Where We First Met", I think Miroku asks Inuyasha who he wants to be with, Kagome or Kikyo...He picks Kikyo supposedly, but tells Miroku that he has to go and tell Kagome goodbye. That's when Kagome tells Inuyasha that she has feelings for him.
    Posted by Lauren M. on Friday January 30 ,2004
  • I think Kikyo might go back into Kagome's body and then Inu-Yasha can have both of them as the same girl.
    Posted by Tina on Saturday February 14 ,2004
  • It's Kagome for sure. i read in a spoiler, the kikyo tells inuyasha to let her go, and go with kagome in the episode the kagome revives kikyo form almost being killed by naraku.
    Posted by DeMon MaMi on Sunday February 29 ,2004

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