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Question:why are most of the inuyasha fans girls


  • well for one there are better bishounen than bishoujo (more hot sexy men than hot sexy women). also dont forget the fact that women prefer a mix of romance, comedy and action more than men do. the action sequences in the show really suck so guys dont really care for it.
    Posted by gamergirl on Friday January 09 ,2004
  • im a guy and i do like the show. iit's hardly one of my favorites though. i'll admit that I liked dragon ball z more because it was more action oriented and romance was almost non-existent.hell I even like yu-gi-oh better which doesn't have romance either( never mind that joey/mai thing). the romance element kind of annoys guys who are used to seeing great fights, which this series doesn't have. inuyasha swinging his sword around every episode doesn't showcase any fighting skills.
    Posted by demon no darkness on Saturday February 14 ,2004

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