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Question:Will Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru become friends in the end?


  • ya know,i'm pretty sure they won't because Sesshomaru's not the kind to give up or call a truce.
    Posted by Inuyasha's girlfiend:Taylor on Monday December 22 ,2003
  • this is a hard question to answer. first you have to look at sess's reasons for not likeing his borther in the first place. it is obvious that blood ties do mean a lil to him. I personally think that they will eventually come to truce. to my knowledge, his reasons for dislikeung his brother are as follows: #1 he is a hanyou (half demon) #2 his father was quick to move on to some one else after what ever happened to sess's mother happend. and even worse, his father chose a human(wich sess feels are all around week). thus he ventalates his anger tward inuyasha. #3 inu fell in love with a week human(kikou) #4and this is probly the main reason. while inuyasha was pined to the tree. jaken was sent by sess to ask for inuyasha's aid in helping sess and their father battle what ever it was that killed him. but since inu was pinned to the tree, they were unable to defeat it and their father died. so inderectly. it is in sess's head onu's fault their father is dead. but (this was all said on one of the episodes that have yet to air in america) but i think that eventually, Rin's influence on him will give him reason to question his reasons for hating his brother and he will come to terms with his misfortions and stop blaming them on his brother and they still may not get along, but they will stop trying to kill one another. man this getting kinda long. there is one last point to point out. totosai(sp?) said in the first or second episode he apeared in that their father gave them the swards he did in order to make it futle for them to fight one another. and then he went on to say that they wuld figure that out eventually. now shurely one of them will relise this eventually? ne? ok i am done now. and if you had the patcnce to read all of this than the question should be answered.
    Posted by SciFi on Wednesday January 28 ,2004
  • Not exactly friends, but they don't fight anymore. They can't fight anyway - they each have a supersword that makes it impossible to kill each other. Later, in episode 81, Sesshomaru found himself fighting side by side with Inuyasha against Naraku. And i think there was some other time when they both fought together against the cat demons. After all that, I don't think they would fight. If you need more proof, I have read the manga of Inuyasha online. Throughout the entire manga, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru never fight seriously after episode 52 in the TV series. Later, they even fight against the Shichinintai together. Sorta.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Friday March 19 ,2004

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