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Question:How did Inuyasha's father die?


  • Inuyashas father died in a battle with Ryuukotsusei, but before Inu's father died he sealed the dragon Ryuukotsusei.
    Posted by justsomeone on Monday December 22 ,2003
  • IIB [injured in battle]
    Posted by coffee on Monday January 05 ,2004
  • you can see what happens on the screencaps for the 3 movie in the movie section
    Posted by Tatsusiaga on Monday January 12 ,2004
  • Inuyasha's father had an archrival named Ryuukossei who killed him. In their battle, he actually sealed Ryuukossei with his fang, but the wounds he received from the fight caused his death.
    Posted by Rei on Sunday March 07 ,2004

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