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Question:If inu's a half demon and sess's a full demon then when inus a 'full demon' doesnt that mean thats the same as when sess is in his 'human form' so what would inus true demon form look like? sumthing like sess's or not?(sorry its really been bugging me!)


  • In the episode where Inuyasha sword breaks, he becomes Demon Blooded. Not really full demon. It's just that the Demon inside him is sorta taking over him. I think that Myoga states that he isn't accually full demon.
    Posted by Inu-Maru on Sunday March 07 ,2004
  • Since Inuyasha is part human, he not completely demon because of his human blood, This is like a transofmation, when his demon blood is overwhelming his human blood making him look sorta of a demon, with the red eyes stuff. . . . . . . . . . .O_O
    Posted by Demons Rage(Lil' Fuzz) on Saturday March 27 ,2004

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