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Question:Does Inuyasha ever change his cloth?


  • No,it is a protectant armor that he keeps on but,Rumiko Takahashi just draws his cloth back to normal anyway.So, technically he doesnt change his cloth but if you were actually in the anime, he probably does.
    Posted by DtmInuFan on Monday December 22 ,2003
  • well i dont think so i think he repares it and then again yes becase in one episiod he goes 2 meet kagome's friends and she gives him some present day cloths
    Posted by Inya, Daghter of Inuyasha and Kagome on Monday December 22 ,2003
  • No but no one from the past seems to change their clothes. In that time people didn't have a very good knowledge of hygene. I heard that in Europe at that same time and baby's diaper would be changed only every 4 days!!!!!!!!!
    Posted by Sango1115 on Saturday February 07 ,2004

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