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Question:How do people know what happens on an eps. if it doesn't even show yet?


  • Spoilers,cheates,epesode sumararys,screen caps,downloding eps of the enternet,and maby a friend in japan~_*
    Posted by Watersprite on Friday January 16 ,2004
  • Here in USA we are waiting for the new episodes. Unfortuantly we have to wait intell spring 2004. But if you are the ones that cant wait intell then, you should, like me, buy the Japanese version with english and chinese subtitles. I buy mine from Anime Chains Forum. Oh ya, and you can also get the movies as well. OR you can just read the episodes summaries and spoilers.Here on this web site( and Kikyou are famus for there summeries.)Read them, check them out there cool.Tell them I sent ya, (PrincessDarkFire)
    Posted by PrincessDarkFire on Sunday January 18 ,2004
  • they watch the jap IY
    Posted by super angel on Monday February 09 ,2004
    Posted by gamergirl on Thursday February 12 ,2004
  • I have most of them on my computer and i get them in japanese and read the subtitles. besides there are only like 54 translated to english so i don't waste time watching the same eps over and over on t.v.
    Posted by InuYashafan on Sunday February 15 ,2004
  • Mostly they read this is a very popular one it is very updated I think it is about 2-3 weeks maybe behind the ones in japan. AS is releasing new eps. April 24th in an hour block.Also alot download, me I can't seem to get the right stuff to download.
    Posted by kuroko184u on Wednesday February 25 ,2004
  • There are LOTS of sites about Inuyasha, so just go to epi. sum and start reading......or do what I do and find the best one out there and get everything from there and then just print them out for you and a couple friends!!!!!
    Posted by Person on Friday March 12 ,2004

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