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Question:Will there ever be an Inuyasha game for PS2?


  • there is except it is playstation but u can still play it on a playstation 2 with a ps memory card
    Posted by songo on Monday January 12 ,2004
  • yes there is. Go to
    Posted by Bianca Bordeira on Monday January 12 ,2004
  • Yes in fact! In the late 2004 Bandai will be releasing Inuyahsa: Sengoku Otogi Gassen to the US. This game will transport your present day character (boy or girl) into feudal Japan where you'll meet up with the Inuyasha gang! Sounds good to me, I can't wait til it comes out.
    Posted by FreakishIYK on Friday January 16 ,2004
  • Yes, I do think so. Right now I know of one game and it is: InuYasha "A Feudal Fairy Tale". That game can be played on PS 1 or 2. My 2 sons like playing that game and so do I.(LOL)
    Posted by PrincessDarkFire on Sunday January 18 ,2004
  • Yup. has some info
    Posted by Kinslayer on Tuesday February 24 ,2004
  • Yes, its called Inuyasha:Mask of Juso. It will be released in the begining of July. Its a RPG. I've heard its 7 players.
    Posted by Rin's Boyfriend on Tuesday February 24 ,2004
  • YES
    Posted by SESSHOMARU'S GIRL on Wednesday March 03 ,2004

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