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Question:Was Kirara Midoriko's partner?


  • we think so but most likely yes
    Posted by songo on Wednesday January 14 ,2004
  • yes,we saw her with kirara
    Posted by -sesshoumaru_fan- on Wednesday January 14 ,2004
  • Yes.hundreds of years ago,Kirara was the loyal pet demon of the priestess Midoriko.In the episode where Inu and company went to the cave where Midoriko was,Kirara was looking at her and remembered the time when she was with her.
    Posted by Letecia(Kagome) on Wednesday January 21 ,2004
  • there is a indication of this in the anime but absolutly no idication of this (that i know of thus far) in the magna. it all depends on what version you wish to relay on. after all the manga is the original.
    Posted by Aila on Friday February 13 ,2004
  • Ummm... in episode 26, at the very end, they have a very cute scene of Kirara standing bt Midoriko's side, so we all presume that yes, Kirara is Midoriko's partner.
    Posted by Nikki on Sunday February 15 ,2004

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