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Question:how many movies of inuyasha are there going to be?


  • Not sure, but i have heard that there's three Inuyasha Movies.
    Posted by Bianca Bordeira on Tuesday January 13 ,2004
  • So far, there's three out, I hear they're working on a 4th, and who knows how many will be out after that??!!
    Posted by Nikki on Sunday February 15 ,2004
  • i dont think that anyone knows for sure, but there are three out so far: 1. Love that Transcends Time (Toki) 2.The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass (Kagami no Nada no Mugenjo) 3. The Sword of World Conquest (Tenka Hadou no Ken)
    Posted by InuYashafan on Sunday February 15 ,2004

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