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Question:Will Sesshoumaru love anyone


  • yes Rin becz she took care of sess. after he lost a fight to inuyasha's sword Kagome becz i don't know
    Posted by Sango on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • I really don't know but my best guess is that probably Sesshoumaru won't LOVE anyone. But also, it's very confusing with the whole "Sesshoumaru+Rin" thing because he seems so protective of her (well....... ok, so not really protective but you know what I mean). Besides, Sesshoumaru isn't a 'happy-go-lucky' guy (sorry, demon) anyways.
    Posted by Kurapica_red eyez on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • i relly think so because now rin and i think that when she get older they gonna end up together
    Posted by inuyasha belove on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • Ssshomaru really care about rin right now. i really think that we sh grow up, they gonna be together.
    Posted by inuyasha T baby on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • In episode 133-134 that women named Sara love Sesshomaru and trying to give him the sword that she stole from Inuyasha but Sesshomaru didn't took it so eventually Sara died in the end but Sesshomaru expression seem sad so I guess if Sara still alive she can change his heart and make Sesshomaru loves her.
    Posted by inuyasha on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • Not likely, but it depends on your definition of "love". He already has some sort of fatherly affection for Rin, but whether or not you can consider that "love" is up in the air. As for whether or not he'll actually get a love interest... I hope not. But if he ends up with anyone at the end of the series, it'll probably be Kagura.
    Posted by Touga-ou on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • Well, so far he hasen't loved anyone romanticly, but he does love rin like a daughter and protects her. (Also, a woman fell in love with him, but that's a whole other story) ^_^
    Posted by CyberYoukai on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • no,but he does has take care of a little girl name rin,but i dont think rin its his girlfriend,they just like sibling.
    Posted by moon on Thursday December 25 ,2003
  • Yes he will he will fall in love with a girl named Princes Sara in ep 133-134 The Woman Who Loved Sessho-maru . For ditails read the summary
    Posted by Marisha on Friday December 26 ,2003
  • I think that he kind of love Rin...
    Posted by Zenith on Saturday December 27 ,2003
  • Sesshoumaru does not love anyone right now, but maybe in the future when Rin gets to the age about 16, he might love her.
    Posted by Olivia on Saturday December 27 ,2003
  • Yes.Rin is the only one that Sesshomaru has shown mercy to.So it shows that he is starting to have compassion and he loves Rin like a daughter,but she really isn't.
    Posted by Kagome Higurashi on Tuesday December 30 ,2003
  • Actually,I think that Sesshomaru loves Rin.Not as a girlfriend or wife or anything like that,but a daughter.Rin was the first person Sesshomaru ever showed compassion to,and he lets her follow him around,so I think that we are seeing a sensitive side of Sesshomaru...
    Posted by Kagome Higurashi on Saturday January 03 ,2004
  • He loves rin. the reason is is becaUSE after the battle with totsai and the forging of his "new sowrd" inuyasha had slashed him! then he had escaped amd was badly injured! then rin came along and helped sheeshomaru! but when she tries to @ first he say "im not like humans,i dont eat human food so my child your generosity is wasted" but then when kougas wolfs come and destroy rins village they kill her! but because of the generosity and the kindness that run had given sesshomaru sesshomaru brought her back to life! she follows him around now! before she didnt talk but now she talks freeley!
    Posted by Amber Lynn Melendez on Saturday January 31 ,2004
  • Umm... I don't expect him to love-marry anybody, but he does love Rin in a fatherly way.
    Posted by Nikki on Saturday February 14 ,2004
  • Err... He nevered "loved" that Sara girl. She loved him. And besides, he thinks of Rin like a sister or daughter. It would be REALLY strange if he ever "loved" anyone. (I really hope he never does. It'd ruin a lot if you know what I mean... Hard to explain accually...)
    Posted by Khaylah on Saturday February 21 ,2004
  • Only Takahashi knows the answer to that question. The Manga has yet to be finished, leaving us with nothing more than speculations. Sesshoumaru doesn't have any relationships (that we know of) outside of Jaken, the human child, the occasional run-in with his half-brother, and the second "daughter" of Naraku, Kagura. In recent issues of the Manga, the interaction between Kagura and Sesshoumaru has increased considerably. In Volume 35, Kagura approaches Sesshoumaru and presents him with a "Youki" Crystal, along with some vital information regarding Naraku. As soon as Kagura flies off, Rin makes the comment that Kagura is "probably in love with Sesshoumaru-sama." Sesshoumaru also manages to save Kagura's life, albeit inadvertently, in the most recent issues of the Manga (Chapters 350-351). They have a notable amount of interaction, with Kagura leaving us with questionable thoughts concerning her phrase "before I died, I just thought that... [I wanted to see him] one last time." Knowing Takahashi, she probably has something in store for these two characters before the series ends. It seems Kagura/Sesshoumaru might be a canon couple before it's all said and done with. Though once again, these are merely speculations formed from official information and facts taken directly from the most recent issues of the "Inuyasha" Manga.
    Posted by Kimberly on Friday March 12 ,2004
  • im not sure if hes realy going to LOVE someone but he seems to like rin like an older brother would to a younger sister
    Posted by on Sunday March 14 ,2004

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