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Question:How did Onigumo break both his legs, and burn 99% of his body?


  • If I remember coretly...He was in a HUGE fire(hence the burnig),but I'm not shure how it started,I think it was his enimes.They beat him(eaxplaning the broken legs) and lit place on fire.But I'm probibly wrong.
    Posted by Watersprite on Saturday January 17 ,2004
  • Well this is what I heard. I heard he belonged to a gang of theives on a *job* he betrayed them. So what they did is while he was sleeping they lite him on fire. Though I don't know how he broke his legs probably did when he tried to put out the fire.
    Posted by Wolf Girl on Saturday February 21 ,2004
  • ms. wolf girl was half-right. the wrong thing about her info is that onigumo didn't belong to that gang of thieves. He wanted to have men to become his followers. He told the boss of a certain gang about kikyo and shikon no tama's power. He tricked him to buy time and then onigumo stole his men. When the "okashira" figured it out, he looked for onigumo and then found him at some kind of ancient hotel. He then threw a primative bomb at him, and so, the whole hotel burned including onigumo. If you don't believe me, watch ep. 87.. it was all in there. ^_^
    Posted by kahlua-chan on Wednesday February 25 ,2004
  • Onigumo tricked the boss of a gang of thieves to go kill Kikyo to get the shikon no tama while the boss was gone Onigumo took the rest of the thieves to some type of hotel and when the boss found out he came and tried to kill Onigumo by throwing a bomb at Onigumo. Onigumo somehow managed to survive the explosion so the boss threw him off a cliff to kill him.
    Posted by okinawapet on Saturday March 20 ,2004
  • It says in episode 87, Kikyo's voyage or something. Onigumo tricked his fellow thief, Kansuke, into trying to steal the shikon jewel. He was caught. in revenge, Kansuke burned Onigumo and threw him into a valley.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Wednesday March 31 ,2004

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