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Question:Does anybody know when it is Jenenji's (can't spell) time to become full human? (don't be giving answers like the full moon because hen that person really doesn't know much about Inuyasha. they don't all turn human on the new moon. if you sy that, prove it. i've been getting all these answers saying that he turns human on the new moon.)


  • It cant be on the full moon.When Rin was geting the herb for Jaken it was day still. Anyway its on Episode 96 "Jaken who became sick". When Rin came to Jinenji he was already in his human form. Jinenji hiding underneath the blankit.I dont know when or how but thats where you mostlikly find that answer. EP.96
    Posted by PrincessDarkFire on Monday January 19 ,2004

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