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Question:Who is the guy standing nexto Naracu?I reconize evry one up at the top of the IY world web page screen...But who is he?Is he that ansester of kagomes who fell in love with her?Help me please I'v only seen 52 eps.and I dont Know who he is.Thank you in advance^_^!!!


  • Simple,that is Narku's human form.Alos known as onigumo.In one episode Naraku uses him as a detachment from himself thinking he doesnt need the human self of him inside him anymore,but later on he finds out he really needs onigumo in himself and absorbs him back up.
    Posted by Kat on Thursday January 22 ,2004
  • He is Onigumo by heart since he's also inlove with kikyo, but he's not naraku's human form and his name was changed to Musou. Musou was not human at all since he can transform his appearance into some kind of youkai like naraku. He was just naraku's detachment, only, unlike kagura and kanna, he has his freedom. He didnít live long though, coz naraku took him back for his corrupted soul which attracts strong youkai. (basis: episode 69-71)
    Posted by kahlua-chan on Thursday February 26 ,2004
  • That's Musou. {It's spelled Naraku.}
    Posted by Danielle on Sunday March 21 ,2004

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