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Question:Who the heck are those zombie dudes I keep on hearing about!?


  • they are the shichinintai, naraku brought them back t life by putting a single shard in each of their necks. they are a group of seven men, their eps begin at ep 102 and end at ep 123. JAKOTSU IS HILARIOUS, he is gay and loves inu to death. bankotsu has the coolest moves ^_^. the seven of them are mukotsu suikotsu jakotsu bankotsu ginkotsu renkotsu kyoukotsu
    Posted by gamergirl on Tuesday January 20 ,2004
  • Indeed. Jakotsu has got to be one of my favorite characters out of all 140 episodes I've seen so far. Mostly because he's hilarious, and gay but not flaming, has a cool sword, and loves a good fight. Just to expand on the earlier post a bit, Mukotsu is a poison using stalker, with a bad attitude and creepy voice, Ginkotsu appears to be half machine half brain-washed human. Suikotsu is a beserker who uses claw weapons, much like Sabin from FF36, Kyoukotsu is just a giant man who fights with brute force. Banktosu is their leader, and uses a very special type of weapon, called an oohoko... he's named it his Banryuu. And finally the worst of the Shichinintai ever, Renkotsu, a loser who can only blow flames, use wires, and use guns. He also does a lot of loserly scheming.
    Posted by DeusExMachina on Tuesday March 02 ,2004

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