Inuyasha FAQ

Question:This is about Inuyasha's kimono. I know it doubles as both clothing and light armour, but it gets shredded on a regular basis. Since its made with fire rat hair (a rare commodity I'm sure), how the heck is he repairing it?


  • most stuff have flaws and that is one of the flaws in Inuyasha!
    Posted by _sesshoumaru_fan_forever_ on Monday January 19 ,2004
  • Maybe he has more than one....?
    Posted by Bulla on Tuesday January 20 ,2004
  • Magical reparing clothing?....happens in alot of anime or something
    Posted by Scottmcm02 on Saturday January 24 ,2004
  • It's just like any other show. The characters have a certain pair of clothing that they mostly wear. It's like their trademark. And it's much easier to draw.
    Posted by Kami on Wednesday February 25 ,2004

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